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Australian State Abbreviations and Postcode Ranges

This official postal abbreviation is used for Australian States:

Australian Capital Territory ACT
New South Wales NSW
Northern Territory NT
Queensland QLD
South Australia SA
Tasmania TAS
Victoria VIC
Western Australia WA

There is a list of Australian postcode ranges for each state.

Australian Capital Territory 0200-0299, 2600-2619, 2900-2920
New South Wales 1000-1999, 2000-2599, 2620-2898, 2921-2999
Northern Territory 0800-0899, 0900-0999
Queensland 4000-4999, 9000-9999
South Australia 5000-5799, 5800-5999
Tasmania 7000-7799, 7800-7999
Victoria 3000-3999, 8000-8999
Western Australia 6000-6797, 6800-6999
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