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UK Postcode History

UK Postcode

Postal codes used in the United Kingdom are called postcodes. The Royal Mail introduced UK postcodes from 1959 to 1974. UK postcodes are used to automate mail sorting, describe UK locations, calculate insurance premiums, carry out population census and many other purposes.

UK Postcode History

The first UK postcode system was introduced by Rowland Hill in 1857. This postcode system was identified by capital letters and known as system of ten London postal districts. In 1917 this system was modified into alphanumeric format and numbered subdivisions of postal districts were appeared. These London postcodes resemble modern UK postcodes.

In 1959 postcodes were introduced in Norwich by Ernest Marples. The initial format of Norwich postcodes was NOR and three digits.

In 1965 it was announced that UK postcodes would be spread to the whole country in the next few years. So, in 1967 postcodes were introduced in Croydon. The format of Croydon postcodes was CR0 (for central Croydon) and CR2, CR3, CR4 (for surroundings). Then next years UK postcodes system was spread to other cities and towns. The last part of the UK, where postcodes were introduced, was Northern Ireland. You may see the list of UK postcode areas on the page.

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