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Capitals & Population for Macao, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of and etc.

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Country Capital Population
Macao Macao 453733
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje 2046209
Madagascar Antananarivo 15982563
Malawi Lilongwe 10548250
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 22229040
Maldives Male 310764
Mali Bamako 11008518
Malta Valletta 394583
Man, Isle of Douglas 73489
Marshall Islands Majuro 70822
Martinique Fort-de-France 418454
Mauritania Nouakchott 2747312
Mauritius Port Louis 1189825
Mayotte Mamoutzou 163366
Mexico Mexico 101879168
Micronesia, Federated States of Palikir 134597
Moldova Chisinau 4431570
Monaco Monaco 31842
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 2654999
Montserrat Plymouth 7574
Morocco Rabat 30645304
Mozambique Maputo 19371056