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Installation Manual

(installation to MySQL server using phpMyAdmin)

  1. Extract .csv file from the downloaded zip archive.
  2. Open phpMyAdmin from your site cpanel.
  3. Choose the database where the .csv file with zip postal codes will be imported.
  4. Choose the table where data from the .csv file with zip postal codes will be imported (click the "Browse" icon).
  5. Click the "Import" tab.
  6. Specify location of imported file (the .csv file from your computer).
  7. Specify number of records (queries) to skip from start= 1 (the first line of the downloaded file contains column names, you should omit this line).
  8. Specify format of imported file = CSV.
  9. In the section "Options" assign "," to the "Fields terminated by" field (just type comma in this field).
  10. In the field "Column name" specify column names from the table of your site database where the values from the .csv file will be imported. Terminate the specified column names by comma. E.g., ZipCode, Latitude, Longitude (matching case).
  11. Click the "Go" button.