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Canadian Postal Codes History

Canadian Postal Code

Canadian postal codes are used by the postal code system in Canada. More than 85,000 postal codes were represented in Canada. There are examples of Canadian postal codes: A0A 1E0, B1Y 1K8, C1B 2T3, E4H 2H7 and etc. Canada was one of the last western countries where the nationwide postal code system was introduced.

Canadian Postal Code History

Numbered postal zones were implemented for some Canadian cities in 1940. It was not a perfect system.

Later in 1950-1960 the existing system didn't meet the needs of postal service because Canadian cities were growing and the mail volumes were also growing. A new system was needed that allowed to sort the mail properly, simplify the sorting process and deliver the mail faster.

In 1970 Eric Kierans, the communications minister, introduced a six-character postal code system.