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NZ Postcodes Format

Each New Zealand postcode consists of four digits. The first digit identifies one of ten machine 'lines' (numbered 0 - 9), which process mail for a specific geographic region. They start with 0 in Northland and progress southward, ending with codes starting with 9 in Otago and Southland. The next two digits represent postal sort areas and modes of delivery i.e.

  • Street address, in which mail is delivered directly to homes;
  • PO Box address, in which mail is delivered to a private box, usually at a Post Shop for collection;
  • Private Bag, in which a private mail bag is delivered to an organization.
The last digit of the postcode indicates the specific urban area, box lobby or rural delivery, used in rural areas for home deliveries.

There are no duplicated streets or addresses for the same postcode. Each Post PO Box, Private Bag lobby and rural delivery area is assigned to its own unique postcode. The New Zealand postcode system made its debut in 1977.